A Wonderful Fantasy Just out of Reach
Well, the world didn’t end.

Big surprise. I can hear the whole world sighing in relief, and also being a little disappointed.

You know, I’m pretty sure the Mayan people didn’t intend on there being no more days on earth just because they didn’t put anymore days on their calender. I mean, you don’t freak out at the end of every year, just because there are no more days on your calender, right? All you do is go out and buy a new calender.

The Mayan people just didn’t see any reason to put anymore days on their calenders when they could worry about that later. But then they died. And now people are freaking out just because they forgot to finish their calender before they died? (which, by the way, you can’t actually finish a calender, unless you actually do know when the world ends. Otherwise, you just have to pick a day to stop it. They happened to pick yesterday. Big deal. No freaking out.)